A non-obvious understanding of consumers to delve into their minds mutually benefits consumers and brands. We combine state-of-the-art technology and avant-garde research tools to distil consumer insights and amplify the future of your brand.

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About us

With over 100 man-years of experience and in-depth knowledge of consumers, we ensure absolute end-to-end management of our clients by a team of the industry’s leading experts in the fields of System 1 and System 2 researches across both FMCG and non FMCG industries.

Our solutions

In today’s hypercompetitive market landscape, understanding consumers and their decision making is paramount. Propelled by quantitative and qualitative expertise, our tailor-made solutions reward you with incisive and actionable insights spanning a 360-degree view of customer needs, the selling environment, the brand world, buyer personas, and sales efficiencies.

Know your consumer

Partner with you to help you know your market and consumer better for both FMCG and non FMCG industries.

Create your best offer

Utilise a mix of System 1 and System 2 decision making to help you create the best offering—from ideation to final offer.

Know your shopper

Partner you to understand the shopping process through stated response and observed behaviour.

Retain your customer

Using trade-offs that consumers make in real life to evaluate satisfaction with different touch points through best-in-class platforms, expertise, and tools.

Optimise your inputs

Using ML to predict how marketing inputs can be optimised for better ROI

Build your brand

Partner with you to grow your brand.

India BuyAbility Report (IBR)

The report based on actual transaction data across millions of customers

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