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Rana Bose

Vice President

Everyone in the FMCG, non-FMCG, and Telecom space knows that Rana is both an everyman and a champion. With nearly two decades of research and analytics consulting experience across multiple verticals in different countries, Rana has a proven track record of delivering key insights across organisations in different stages of the product life cycle–starting from ideation to estimating ROI. Rana’s keen perception is his trump card to understanding the nuances of consumer behaviour that involves trade-off, developing product offer bundles using market basket analysis, and piecing together propensity models for better customer targeting. Rana has championed classification and targeting techniques in developing look-alike models, segmentation, and latent class conjoint models to drive meaningful consumer insights. Prior to joining Decrypt in 2021, Rana was responsible for the consumer insights practice of Nielsen in South India. No matter the client’s requirements—from product innovation to pricing to post launch product performance measurement—Rana remains committed to solving marketing problems with acute observations of human behaviour for a complete understanding of consumers in an everchanging, unpredictable market environment.


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