Optimise Your Inputs

For marketing professionals, some of the burning questions are: What kind of return on investment are you getting? How do you upsell to your customers? Is your media mix optimised? How can you identify unhappy customers and stop them from leaving? Which marketing levers do you need to pull to increase your sales? Our experts help answer these questions through different analytical techniques like Market Basket Analysis, Media Mix Modelling, Look-Alike Modelling, etc. by utilising the client’s internal data.

ROMI: decrypt’s Return On Marketing Investment-based solutions utilise proprietary data and other data streams and integrate them to determine whether clients are getting the best bang for their buck.

Market Basket Analysis: Identify groups of products/items that customers buy together by analysing sales data to create more efficient bundles to achieve a better lift.

Media Mix Modelling: Model whether marketing spends (ATL) are optimal and determine their impact on salience and other mind measures due to changes in the media mix.

Look-Alike Modelling: Predictive/prescriptive modelling for any behaviour/situation (from experience) that can affect the profitability of business.

Market Mix Modelling: How do changes in different marketing levers (product, pricing, marketing spends, etc.) impact total sales?