Create Your Best Offer

95% of our purchase decision making takes place subconsciously (Source: Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman). Our conscious mind will always make up reasons to justify our unconscious decisions.

Regardless of whether stated or implied responses are better, examining them in unison uncovers the consumer in entirety. We believe that a mix of conventional measurement tools and physiological and neurological measurements of a consumer lead to the most optimal solution.

“deSRE”: To identify the most appealing product, pack, and concept—we offer “deSRE”.

dialogue: A communication pre-testing tool to enable selection of the most effective creative across media, we offer “dialogue”.

“deSRE” and “dialogue” amalgamate the best of stated responses, eye tracking, and facial recognition in a user friendly online format.

“OPTIO”: Our incisive pricing research helps brands arrive at optimal price points as well as pricing strategies using the most relevant pricing tools.