Our Expert

Sayan Chattopadhyay

Vice President

In inner circles, Sayan Chattopadhyay is an authority on consumer insights and is well-known for developing the finest instruments to elicit consumer responses. A seasoned allrounder, Sayan has worked across the entire stage of product life cycle with large, medium, and small-sized companies across varied sectors in foods, tobacco, personal care, and media, excelling in business development, account management, client management, and training. He has partnered with FMCG & non-FMCG businesses to conduct Ad-Hoc and Continuous research, service domestic and foreign clients, and shed light on segmentation, concept and product test, pack test, communication researches, and brand health dipsticks. Sayan has aced multiple categories for the Indian and Bangladeshi markets. His belief in guiding, grooming, and leading teams to deliver answers to the client’s questions and delivering the best quality and nurturing relationships with internal and external stakeholders is what makes him the champion that he is. A master strategist who is knowledgeable in dozens of fields, Sayan has 16+ years of experience with multiple MNCs. Prior to joining decrypt in 2021, he led the consumer insights practice for Nielsen India in East India and served in an advisory capacity in the FMCG domain with Nielsen Bangladesh. When he is not unravelling the formula to creating a successful brand, Sayan, an avid movie and web series buff, ponders ways to marry traditional research techniques and neuromarketing to take insights to the next level.


Know your consumer

Partnering with you to help you know your market and consumer better

Create your best offer

Utilising a mix of conscious and unconscious decision making to help you create the best offering—from ideation to final offer

Know your shopper

Helping you understand the shopping process through stated response and observed behaviours