Retain Your Consumer

Brands are built on promises, but the experience delivered makes ‘that difference’ between myths and reality. We help clients measure experience through innovative new-age tools and deliver integrated, agile, and action-oriented CX results.

“delight”: Built on the philosophy of trade-off led prioritisation, “delight”: enables brands to pull-off the right CX levers to maximise experience and ensures that the relative difference within each lever is driven by market reality and customer needs.

“demystify”: A mystery shopping program that deciphers what business is to a client’s customers in an unfiltered—and most importantly—measurable way. “demystify” focuses on gathering insights from shopping and service experiences rather than the mere process audit.

Journey Mapping: decrypt’s Journey Mapping solution enables mapping, designing, and measuring performance at every step and links it back to the ROI for an effective financial outcome.