India BuyAbility Report

Market intelligence is the core of any critical business decision-making and we are committed to bring technology driven data solutions to our clients. IBR (India BuyAbility Report) is one such solution.

WHAT IS IBR : IBR is based on actual transaction data across million of customers. It encompasses actual data points which includes financial, POS & transaction level data across 90+ categories.


120 MN+
Daily card transaction's data
4 BN+ Annually data points
18K+ Pincodes covered
10L+ Unique outlets coverage
90+ categories covered


It uncovers the STRATEGIC and TACTICAL questions across business:
  • Where is my brand selling the most ?
  • How am I performing against my competition ?
  • Which marketplaces are contributing most to my sales ?
  • How do I prioritize my marketing spends ?
  • Where should I grow next ?
  • How do I measure my marketing inputs at POS ?