Our Expert

Achala Srivatsa

Qualitative Research Expert

Like a master sleuth, Achala connects the dots between multiple points of data to uncover the larger patterns or insights underlying behaviour. With 25 years of experience in research in India, USA, Indonesia, and Singapore (and SEA) across a wide range of categories in CPG products—foods, personal care, hair and skin care, fabric care, and alcohol—Achala is known for her proficiency in understanding cultural nuance and context around consumer behaviour. Her deductive powers are phenomenal, and she has contributed two papers to ESOMAR, including an award-winning paper on insights rooted in the methods and inductive reasoning of Sherlock Holmes. With a special interest in consumer decision-making, heuristics and cultural studies, branding, and communication, Achala continues to exceed expectations with her powers of observation and deductive reasoning. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and traveling to enrich her worldview and become a more sensitive researcher.