Our Expert

Nirepinder Singh

Vice President, Head of North Business

Nirepinder’s thinking rests solidly on both Mind and Mathematics. Taking learnings from statistics, philosophy, rhetoric, behavioral sciences and evolutionary psychology, he is at home in MR.

Nirepinder has made the most of his nearly two decades of industry experience, even synergizing economists, data scientists & researchers to go beyond conventional consumer research.

He is an expert at segmentation, opportunity identification, market landscapes, brand, communication, and product research. He is adept at shopping, data science, and secondary data-based insights too.

Nirepinder spends his personal time wood working, training in mixed martial arts and reading- anything from Homer to Thaler is welcomed.


Know your consumer

Partnering with you to help you know your market and consumer better

Build your brand

Partnering with you to grow your brand

Know your shopper

Helping you understand the shopping process through stated response and observed behaviours

Create your best offer

Utilising a mix of conscious and unconscious decision making to help you create the best offering-from ideation to final offer